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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Kenneth Wen - Design Director
Design Type: Interior design: Residential
Company / Organization / School: SKY Architectural Space Planning and Design

The arrangement of traffic flow, decorated with the vistas accordingly in the house, reveals the magnificent ambience. The delicate ornaments are omnipresent in the house, in which the adornments of ceilings, floors, walls, materials and furniture following the rules of dynamic balance display the accordant perfections among the variations of lights, shades and colors. The figures of “Taiwan cherries” representing the family crest, at the entranceway, are embellished by means of the diverse textures of marbles that figuratively resemble the flowers blossoms. The decorative ornaments simulating the patterns of wheat ears symbolize the father’s age of the house owner commemorating the house completion. In the extensive living room, the expanded floor-to-ceiling windows associated with the white blinds fill the indoor space with cheerful atmosphere. At the first sight when coming in the house, people see the lengthy white marbles that manifest the tranquil sense of sight, along which the white arm chair and floor lamp spawn the elegant aura as well. In the living room, the couch decorated with the matte leathers exhibits the amiable qualities and colors corresponding to the comprehensive wooden textures.