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Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Chun-Ying Lai
Design Type: interior design
Company / Organization / School: China University of Technology

The door entrance decorated with the dark artistic stones and indirect illuminations exposes the soothing mood. The plain textures of ceilings and floors, meanwhile, delicately moderate the solid space characteristics. The reception area, as the focus of this design plan, is ornamented with the elegant marbles. The symmetrical wood grilles, presenting the ideas of wall designs, develop the rhythmic space features. The irregular recessed ceilings, embellished with the indirect illuminations, invent the artistic charisma. The contemporary style sculptures and adornments mildly neutralize the strong ambiences generated by the rectangular space layouts. The bar area, as a part of reception area, discloses the pleasant aura. The reception area comprehensively embellished with the light brown colors attracts people with the quiescent and warm ambience. The art paintings displayed in the art gallery, which located on the central area, nurture the artistic and cultural elements in the office.