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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Spring Concept // Anicca Blossoms

Anicca Blossoms


Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Ho Yee (Cindy) Chan - Student
Design Type: Graphics Toy Gift Card
Company / Organization / School: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Team Members: Ho Yee (Cindy) Chan Tutor: RĂ©mi Leclerc

The cards are kit sets with instruction for the giver to construct the card. To play with the card the receiver at the same time destruct the card. From the process of giving and losing it celebrate the bittersweetness of love. Poems on the card of each flowers to instruct the card receiver to play with the card: FREE SPIRIT For the dance partner in your dream Play with me! Turn me upside down Fly with the freedom we found. FIZZIE FLUSH For the one with a fragrance You will never forget Pinch and rub, a cocktail of scents. ZENSA ZOOZA For the one awaiting a spark The bud slowly burns, blossoming awaits Light up its passion, the flower awakes. SWEETIE BITTIE For the shy sweetheart Secret taste hidden at the end Peel, unwrap your gift from a friend! KA BLOW For the one who fills you with joy Time to brighten your mood Blow after blow, explosions of joy! BLAZIA SPARK Delicate petals Come alive in the dark, Burning bright with a dazzling spark. AQUA UNA Watch in awe as it blooms, You will have the most fun in a bathroom. GLITTER TWINKLE Precious as silver and gold, A breeze reveals a tree untold. In the sky of glitter, all sadness on hold.