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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Space // Urban Enframement

Urban Enframement

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Tung Tsan Lee - Director
Design Type: sales office and model house
Company / Organization / School: 9 studio design group
Website: http://www.9studiodesign.com
Team Members: Tung Tsan Lee & Henry Liu

Urban Display Window This project includes two stores in the curbside, with the sales office on the right and the model house on the left. A large advertising billboard in the facade above the second floor is imagined to be an urban display window that can attract people’s eyes to this unique building at the first glance. The two stores are designed with the concept of two boutique display windows. A model of the property project is placed in the display window of the sales office on the right-hand side, which achieves the visual effect that a house is placed in the shop window of a boutique. The shop window of the model house on the left-hand side is arranged with a special image: as all houses are fully decorated and furnished for the future owners, all things needed in life are painted white and a red suitcase is put in the middle of the shop window, which, on one hand, strengths the sales strategies, and one the other hand, makes an image of selling branded clothes as a boutique’s shop window. What’s more, an exceptional smart film is stuck to the glass with setting up a projector. The smart film that is transparent during the day becomes atomized at night. The display window becomes a large screen when the projector is opened, where the actual performances of our proprietors over the years, the sales information on the project as well as the NBA playoffs can be showed directly. The effectiveness and funniness of this display window is mainly enhanced. All efforts are made to create a buzz!