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Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Ajax Ling Kit & Virginia Lung
Design Type: Space _Restaurant
Company / Organization / School: One Plus Partnership Limited
Website: http://www.onepluspartnership.com

The designers bring in a lot of concepts that are associated with the internet and social media into the restaurant. On the ceiling are some custom-made pink lamp extension designs, criss-crossing each other illustrating a zigzag pattern. It resembles when the pixels of an image is being enlarged many times, the pointy squares one could see on the screen. It also reflects the characteristics of the social media world, to connect people from around the world together. The floor pattern continues the same zigzag shapes, the designers specially customize artificial stones to form this pattern. They also specially customize the same pink color grouting to fill in the cracks between the tiles. To resemble the same rectangular characteristics when pixels are being amplified, the designers pick square tables and chairs with right-angled corners. The booth seatings are made from solid surfacing. On the edge of the tables, white oak colors are painted for decoration. All together makes the overall feeling more harmonious and neat. The name of the restaurant ‘#OMG’ could also be seen on the main wall. These three letters and the hashtag are being pixelated, presented in square forms, which continue to connect with the main theme.