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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Space // Luneng Taishan Sales Center

Luneng Taishan Sales Center


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Tina Sheng - Design Director
Design Type: Interior design: Commericial
Company / Organization / School: Beijing Serendipper Space Design Ltd
Website: http://www. Serendippe.cn

In the design plan of Luneng Taishan Home Property Sales Center Chong Qing City, the designer advocating the idea of “lasting movement” present to people the living space about the modern and prospective life. The front entrance decorated with bountiful curves artistically manifests the gorgeous ambience of the Chinese landscapes, in the appearances of the elegant lines and frigid stones. People enjoy the great view in the large hall furnished with the extensive floor-to-ceiling windows. The red installation art, which is the posture of a running man, is enticing. The huge sleek chandelier, meanwhile, spawns the energetic space characteristics as well. The glamourous illuminations create the dream-like impression, of which the undulating figures obscure the boundary between the indoor and outdoor space. The walls embellished with the natural landscapes of Chong Qing City bring out the cultural and aesthetic charisma. The sport-style sculptures agreeably correspond to the decorative themes, among which the bronze artwork made by the most influential Mexican sculptor Jorge Marin diffuses the sprightly aura. This amazing sculpture figuratively signifies the endless circle of life, while strengthening the aesthetic charms in the meantime.