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Galleries // 2015 Spark:Product // Boeing 777 Premium Arch

Boeing 777 Premium Arch

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: The Boeing Company & TEAGUE Design Teams
Design Type: airplane interior architecture
Company / Organization / School: The Boeing Company & TEAGUE
Website: http://www.teague.com

The Boeing 777 Premium Arch is a dramatic new architecture for the Door 2 entry designed to complement the architecture of the cabin and offer airlines an important point of differentiation. The ceiling’s focal point, an organic shape inspired by the interior design of the 787 Dreamliner, is accentuated by LEDs that allow for dynamic custom lighting scenes. A canopy version of the Premium Arch ensures the Door 2 feature is able to accommodate any 777 configuration with variations that allow for flexibility and varying degrees of customization. Built from the ground up, the 777 Premium Arch invites passengers into the economy cabin, a welcome escape from the bustle of the airport terminal and the confines of the jetway. The patented LED light display overhead is completely customizable with the capacity to replicate day to night light patterns. Lighting effects and the intelligent use of material layering increased the perceived height of the entryway, mirroring the spaciousness of the 787 cabin interior. The Boeing 777 Premium Arch offers maintenance personnel quick and easy access, an innovation that greatly reduces operating and maintenance costs throughout the lifecycle of the aircraft.