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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Space // The Void

The Void


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Regina Kwok - Creative Director
Design Type: Residential
Company / Organization / School: Artwill Interior Design House
Website: http://www.artwill.com.hk

To address owners’ concerns in spaciousness, functionality and the balancing of public and private zones, de-clutter theory was employed. The design “cuts off” unnecessary partitioning to increase the spaciousness; to “throw away” impractical design details to dons a minimal style; to “let go” of the traditional partitioning and delineate spaces with materials and colors. Structural beams, dropped ceiling, electrical rolling blinds are utilized to define borders and to convert public and private sectors; enhancing the flexibility and privacy. Bathroom in glass partitions, unadorned open kitchen in pure white cast stone, projects a trendy style and achieve the spaciousness in a 38sm unit. One single piece countertop strikes a resonance to the one singular entity concept. A multi-function area serve as a dining room, a studio, or a sports area; the bay window is leveraged to create an L-shaped table to function as a dining table or a writing desk. Glass and timber are introduced to replace the ordinary partitions. Glass provides transparency and demonstrates modernism, while timber brings in nature and adds warmth. Sunlight are captured to brighten rooms, and achieve the spaciousness.