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Jewel Pool


Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Gerard Furbershaw - Co-Founder
Design Type: Concept- Coffee Table
Company / Organization / School: LUNAR
Website: http://www.lunar.com
Team Members: Jeff Smith, Cofounder

An overwhelming sense of awe and serenity is experienced from beholding beautiful bodies of water such as oceans, lakes and pools. With the exception of some unusual high-end swimming pools, these bodies of water are typically viewed as flat surfaces with their side and bottom geometries concealed by the earth. The design team wanted to convey what a body of water might look like if it were magically suspended in mid-air and was inspired to design a coffee table that brought this vision to life. To present the mid-air body of water in its purest manifestation, the team looked at how precious jewels sit in their settings. Jewel Pool’s legs slightly caves into its body at twelve locations around its basin-like periphery. Where the legs protrude into the body, the design team sought to create the effect of water allowing itself to be pushed into itself by the legs, as if these inverted surfaces held themselves magically together through the phenomenon of water surface tension.