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Hug me


Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Chajoong Kim - atelab(UNIST)
Design Type: Irrigation bag for tree
Company / Organization / School: OPENPLUS / atelab(UNIST)
Team Members: Kwangmin Cho / Soyoung Kim / Raeseong Kang / Bongjo Jo / Soyeon Lee

Destruction of the environment caused by mankind continues to get worse. It results in a decrease of forest area and increase the number of endangered species. ‘Hug me’ is a bag for tree intravenous drip designed to arouse people’s awareness about the bad situation of environment. Although there is an existing bag for tree intravenous drip, it makes people evoke negative emotion since the appearance is no more than a plastic bag hanging from the branch of the tree. However, with the appearance of endangered animals, ‘Hug me’ literally hugs the tree with arms instead of hanging from the branch of the tree. It makes people to have a part in the environment and evoke warm and positive emotion because it seems like ‘Hug me’ hugs and consoles the tree. Also, it provides visual information about the endangered animal. So, as people see the visual message, it draws attention to both the sick tree and the endangered animal. It is expected to lead people to promote eco-friendly behavior.