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Inspire HR


Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: Daniel Amara - Senior Product Designer
Design Type: Product Design
Company / Organization / School: Fitbit
Team Members: Julia Rickles, Steve Ensminger, Rebbeca Shumway, Nicole Censani, and Andrei Magnea

Fitbit Inspire packs all of Fitbit customers’ favorite features into an efficient form factor, with personal daily stats, notifications, and dead simple exercise goals. The device is a minimalist fitness fanatic’s best friend, letting you do more with less. The sensors on Fitbit Inspire provide real-time feedback of the users’ step count, heart rate, calories burned, active minutes, distance traveled, and sleep stages. All this data is just one swipe away from the clock face. Your daily progress is glanceable directly on the screen, which launches into a dynamic, celebratory animation when you reach your goal. Text messages, chat messages, and calendar reminders show up on the Fitbit Inspire in crisp, simple popups, letting you manage your day with fewer distractions. Having this information on your wrist means you can disconnect from your phone without feeling like you’ve missed out. The Fitbit Inspire is the first tracker of its size to offer on-device exercise goal setting. Whether it be a calorie goal on a run, a distance goal on a bike ride, or a time goal while swimming, Fitbit Inspire helps users set goals and achieve them.