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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Space // INSUN LOTTE CINEMA



Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Ajax Ling Kit & Virginia Lung - Design Directors
Design Type: Space_Cinema
Company / Organization / School: One Plus Partnership Limited
Website: http://www.onepluspartnership.com

Designers pinpoint the sound aspect when making a movie. Sound plays a crucial part when making a movie, from actors’ dialogues, post sound effects, onset recordings to music scores, both are important elements in the construction of a movie. Sound is invisible, however could be represented through the form of sound waves. Although there are many complexities relating to the transmission of sounds, at the point of reception, sound is readily divisible into two simple elements: pressure and time. These fundamental elements form the basis of all sound waves. They can be used to describe, in absolute terms, every sound we hear. Basically every sound has its own unique sound waves, rarely repetitive. Throughout the whole perimeter, visitors can see a variety of different sound waveforms through the ups and downs shapes of the three-dimensional red metal tubes.