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Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Regina Kwok - Creative Director
Design Type: Residential
Company / Organization / School: Artwill Interior Design House
Website: http://www.artwill.com.hk

The concept of the design is inspired by the appearance of the building. Many of the items have incorporated a curvy and streamlined design, from the design details to the selection of furniture, for example cupboard doors, wall ornaments, dropped ceiling, book shelves, lighting, batten screens, etc. These lines incept with each other and create another dimension for the room, making it pop and different from the conventional linear designs. To clearly define different areas, the study room is located on a platform with an open design. Marble slabs are laid to display great elegance. After the modification, the L-shaped living room can now make good use of wall-to-wall windows to make the room better illuminated. A rotary TV bench is placed in a location where can be seen from the diner and the study room. This can help increase the flexibility in furniture and space arrangement. The placement does not only keep the view unobstructed, but also serves as a partitioning wall, which improves the privacy of the study room.