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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Space // Undulating Lines

Undulating Lines


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Mohen Chao
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: MoHen Chao Design Assoc
Website: http://www.mohen-design.com

The foundation of this project is a based upon classical western architecture, which the owner entrusted me with a mission to create a style that is classical yet luxurious. At the entrance, there is a two-storey open space looking up to a large sky window. On either side are two relatively smaller sections. Given these characteristics, coming up with a classical theme is indeed not challenging. However, I personally don’t prefer approaching it the simple and easy way. Despite the favourable result that was achieved in the end, I feel that my capacity to innovate was limited given the symmetrical frame of the space. To be honest, I just wanted to follow my heart and do what made me happy. In light of this, I have decided to deviate away from the normal approach to this project and adopt something much more distinctive. The initial plan was to install a standard set of symmetrical double-running stairs at the entrance, which I have eventually replaced with a pair of individual stairs - one curved and the other a spiral. From a bird’s-eye view, the two sets of stairs may seem standard and classic. However, since this case was handled much differently, the three-dimensionally view delivers an unprecedented surprise. Stereoscopically, the stairs combine to create an enchanting sculpture. During the course of development, I realised that if an extension is tagged on to connect the end of the staircase with the sky window above it, the visual impact could be enhanced when seen from the entrance. I truly enjoyed encountering such kinds of contradictions as I can play around with my ideas. With the staircase as the core focus, it naturally helps to bring in the sub-areas into the big picture. The two sides are bridged with a dilating linear design in order to emphasise attention to the key focus. The creation of the stairs was not based on sumptuousness, hence, I gravitated towards using materials with a higher touch of luxuriousness such as marble, titanium, wood, etc… along with a combination of gold, black and a series of warm colours. The contrast of the hue is not perceived to be very big while the contrast of the value is relatively stronger. Meanwhile, the tonality of the hue is relatively unified but the change in value creates contrast, adding a touch of liveliness.