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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Spring Product // Puma Ignite disc sleeve

Puma Ignite disc sleeve


Competition: Spark:Spring Product
Designer: Tracy Goodsmith - Senior Design Teamhead Sportstyle Footwear
Design Type: street footwear
Company / Organization / School: PUMA SE
Team Members: Enrico Carbonere (designer)

For your consideration here is the PUMA IGNITE DISC SLEEVE.   This reimagined footwear icon features PUMA’s new DISC System, energy-returning IGNITE FOAM and a minimalist upper.  Puma made footwear history with the PUMA Disc in 1991, and we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original shoe with the new PUMA IGNITE DISC SLEEVE.   The original PUMA DISC System was our solution for a quicker, secure and custom fit, without the fuss of laces. Rotating the Disc pulls internal wires that tighten the upper for a comfortable and custom fit. We adapted the lacing technology into PUMA’s performance footwear, from runners to court shoes. And over the years we’ve reissued the original styles as lifestyle sneakers, leading to styles such as PUMA DISC BLAZE accruing a massive cult following.   Fast forward to today and witness this new contemporary iteration as the iconic IGNITE DISC SLEEVE. Featuring Sport performance innovation from upper to sole, the IGNITE DISC SLEEVE is once again as forward thinking as it’s problem-solving predecessor. The new Disc system is redesigned, slimmed and modernized while reducing weight and complexity. The optimized integration of the Disc system allows for more flexibility and higher performance. True innovation from PUMA Design.