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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Transport // Drop Caravan Wheel Chair

Drop Caravan Wheel Chair


Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Jiyun Kang - Designer
Design Type: Transportation
Company / Organization / School: North London Collegiate School Jeju

'Drop' is a special transportation designed for the physically disabled people who are experiencing difficulties in transporting to their desired destination. Around the globe and especially in South Korea, many are suffering from shortage in number of taxis dedicated for the disabled, the only way for them to transport. I thought this should be considered as a major issue, and it is also an intervention of their right to move freely. To enhance their quality of lives, I thought there needs to be a more easily accessible transportation. Inspired by a caravan, I designed a specialized transportation that can be docked to any kind of vehicles. Also, to ensure the safety while boarding and riding 'Drop', I made sure that the door provides a smooth platform that links the road and the vehicle itself. Taking account of the statistics of physically disabled people getting injured during the ride, I discovered that overcrowded vehicle was the main factor that contributed to the numbers. Therefore, ‘Drop’ is dedicated for two or less wheel chairs which makes it much safer in case of accidents. Through this design, I seek to see improvements in the physically disabled transporting with more freedom.