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Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Sang-a Sim
Design Type: Concept Product
Company / Organization / School: Chonbuk National University

which is a toy sterilization box that always maintains clean state through UV sterilization upon storage of toys, and not only keeps children’s health from bacteria upon drying at a pleasant room temperature of 19℃~20℃ by using a drying method by inflow of natural wind unlike the existing disinfector but also induces children so as to be able to arrange toys themselves. For the design concept, motive was taken from Cinderella, with a story that toys disappear unless they are put in Luv Rub within a prescribed time. Hence, to express the instant that toys disappear, a transparent material was used for the handle part and the leg part of the product, and it was designed so as to give the feeling of opening a door for the toy world by diving the cover into two ea. unlike the existing toy boxes mostly with one cover. As to how to use, the child may put toys in the box before the hand of the clock returns to its original position after turning the timer on the front face of the product