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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Space // MEZZI MASTER - BOOKSHOP



Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Ajax Ling Kit & Virginia Lung - Design Directors
Design Type: Space_Bookshop
Company / Organization / School: One Plus Partnership Limited
Website: http://www.onepluspartnership.com

When you arrive the store, you would first come upon an enormous sculptural staircase. Its main functions are displaying books and providing an area for readers to sit on. Staircases are usually connected by right-angled straight pieces. However, the designers replaced the original boxy staircase with a lighter, more space-efficient alternative design. The lower end of each step is going down a slope diagonally, which gives the steps a richer and more dynamic vibe. Some steps extend themselves to create a flat and giant space for display. They are made up of stacks of acoustic panels, covered with flannel-like materials. Other spaces continue to implement the main concept of stairs into the surroundings, like designs with layers upon layers of parallelogram shapes. The spotlights on the ceilings are shaped as a parallelogram step. They were being placed randomly, pointing at various angles and directions. The merchandise area sells products like stationeries and postcards.