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Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Annie Chen - Design Director
Design Type: Landmarks, symbolic structures, memorials, public spaces, parks, vistas, plazas
Company / Organization / School: See Design Inc.
Team Members: Annie Chen, Shang-Qian Li & Li-Yu Chen

The design work Virtue, in honoring Chang Ching-Yu founding Chung Yuan Christian University, displays the vigor of the space based on the foundation “the space tells stories; the atmosphere unveils history.” The entrance furnished with woods aesthetically symbolizes book pages, and the automatic door opens as if the gigantic book unfolding the influential histories that impress people by decorations. Following the guidance of the display boards, figuratively resembling the pages, people know deeper about Mr. Chang. Meanwhile, the displays of Mr. Chang’s personal desk, chair and handwriting “Jesus is Lord” show the respectful virtue of the 80-year elderly despite in stroke. The page-style board segregates the entire space into two areas, in which the stylish ceilings adorned with book-form illuminations exemplify the connection between the past and now. The display boards are printed with pictures and texts that bring people’s affection to the eloquent moment of history, which is enticing and long lasting.