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Bar Plus


Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Yujin Park
Design Type: product
Company / Organization / School: Hanseo University
Team Members: Yujin Park, Sukhyun Lee, Jiyong Kim, Song-i Park, Heecheon Kim & Adviser Prof. Hyeonseong Kim

Customers who buy a bicycle will be required to attach the headlamps and turn signals to the bicycle when riding a bicycle. Mounting a bicycle will damage the unique design of the bicycle, and the protruding part of the bicycle will be fatal to the user's chest when it comes to the user's chest. BAR PLUS is designed to install the battery in a vacuum in the bicycle's handle and utilize the magnetic coupling to be utilized by magnetic coupling. sing magnetic coupling, easy removal and easy removal of the bike is easy to remove from the outside of the bike to prevent theft. The BAR PLUS, which is designed by the module, can be used by the user to select the desired function, such as turn signal indicators & speakers, etc.