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Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Regina Kwok - Creative Director
Design Type: Residential
Company / Organization / School: Artwill Interior Design House

A family naturally consists of members with different personalities; they have different needs and preferences. When it comes to interior design, balancing adjustment, interaction and space are indispensable elements to consider to allow a family to live together in perfect harmony. Dad loves inviting friends over, so he naturally pays special attention to the planning of the guest bathroom. Mum prefers patterns like vertical stripes, and cool colors like black, white and grey; she also enjoys a sense of tranquility and naturalness in her space. Children request privacy and a place for family gathering when needed. Everyone has their basic needs. Given a home where the former distribution of the rooms was uneven and impractical. To convert a unit that caters to everyone’s needs, extra effort must be put into the layout of the rooms, and the setup of the apartment has to be re-designed. The design creates a home that caters to everyone’s needs. It maintains privacy and simultaneously develops a common area into a crossing point for family union. This unique design achieves a promotion of interaction, communication and the interpersonal adjustment between each family members, and turns a space into a home full of warmth and pleasure.