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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Space // A Lofty Design

A Lofty Design


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Regina Kwok - Creative Director
Design Type: Residential
Company / Organization / School: Artwill Interior Design House
Website: http://www.artwill.com.hk

To live a LOHAS life where the owner considers his workplace as his second home, we incorporated the concept of “home” directly into the design of the studio to allow the owner to work and take rest wherever, and whenever he feels like. The apartment is limited by its 32 square meter space while offering a 14 foot ceiling height. A meticulous consideration of all design details was required in order to ensure the owner's wish for a studio capable of transitioning from a working space to resting space was met. This included the careful selection of materials, color schemes and the application of lighting effects. The specially adopted design and modifications serve to underscore both flexibility and functionality. Loft furnishings, meticulous consideration of design details and selection of materials instill a stylish and playful feeling into the design to ensure living space and working area intermingle to meet the owner’s needs under the concepts of “Life is about functionality," “Life is about flexibility” and “Life is about diversity”.