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Competition: Spark:Spring Product
Designer: Yeban Shin - Design Lead
Design Type: Service Robot
Company / Organization / School: Fellow Robots
Website: http://www.fellowrobots.com
Team Members: George Lee, Designer Koh Jing Ting, Designer

Helpful, approachable and supportive. NAVii is a fully autonomous robot for retail spaces. It roams around the store, providing customer service and helps store employees accurately manage shelf inventory by providing them up-to-date stock information. Using latest technologies, NAVii can sense an approaching customer, and raises its screen to an ergonomic height. It greets him or her with "Hello, my name is NAVii. How may I help you today?", inviting him or her to use the screen. Customers can verbally ask or type in their search request, select the item they are looking for, and NAVii will gently lead the customer to the item's location. When it is on the move, NAVii lowers its screen back into resting position for safety, and avoid running into obstacles. When the item has been located, NAVii will announce, "We are here." In partnership with an international client, Fellow Robots brings NAVii to Japan, helping in an electronic chain store in Yokohama.