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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Space // Xintangwanke Mall International Cinema

Xintangwanke Mall International Cinema


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Ajax Ling Kit & Virginia Lung - Design Directors
Design Type: Space_Cinema
Company / Organization / School: One Plus Partnership Limited
Website: http://www.onepluspartnership.com

Various white Chinese radicals glide through the ceilings and walls. At the entrance lobby, the radicals are being presented in a three dimensional format. They are made by metal poles being bent into different angles. Assorted shapes, sizes and angles show a great mix of diversities, dazzling the audiences. Various layers of radicals decorate the wall, scattered randomly yet organized. Metal wires and dark brown stones construct the terrazzo pattern, resonating with the theme. Long rectangular boxes stagger on top of one another to build the ticketing office table, resembling the inverted design on the ceiling. The signs of the concession and ticketing office are displayed in English. In order to stand out from the background, neon lights are being used. They blend in harmony with the entire area. Long benches are built with radicals. When look from the side, radicals pop out robustly. Radical designs keep running through the auditorium. Slides of brown and grey sound-absorbing panels build up the radicals on the wall; carry on the dynamic design at the entrance lobby.