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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Spring Product // Functional Partition Wall

Functional Partition Wall


Competition: Spark:Spring Product
Designer: Scott Hudson - Founder/CEO
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: Henrybuilt
Website: http://www.henrybuilt.com
Team Members: Scott Hudson & Bryan VanderLugt

The Functional Partition Wall was developed to provide elegant spatial screening or division of space within a kitchen area. The wall provides both privacy and transparency, creating distinct spaces without dividing them too harshly. One side of the wall is sculptural and quietly detailed. The other side - the ‘working side’ - can be attached to an island or peninsula, or also be free-standing in the room. The ‘working side’ allows for the option of including an integrated outlet, knife storage, and recessed areas for things like keys. Shelves and pot racks are also options. The integrated outlet eliminates the requirement for the often unsightly outlet required in the end panel of an island or peninsula. One of the benefits of the Wall is that it can free up drawer space, without cluttering the counter, subtly concealing frequently used items. Depending on the intensity of light, items stored on the working side of the wall create interesting shadows visible from the adjacent space. Shelves and pot rack fittings can be easily switched in and out to change the functionality of the wall. The Functional Wall is built as a piece of furniture, from solid wood, Paperstone and opaque white glass.