2007 Galleries

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Galleries // 2007 Spark:Pro // Bike Dispenser

Bike Dispenser

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Springtime Design Team
Design Type: Transport
Company / Organization / School: Springtime NL
Team Members: Marcel Schreuder, John Kock, Hans Schreuder, Frank Rettenbacher & Anton Brunt

This urban bike-rental stand could be installed at many locations throughout a city center. One rents a bike, pedals to the destination, then returns it to another “dispenser” for a price roughly the same as a bus ticket. The units could be installed at train stations, parking structures, shopping centers or other transit centers. The Bikedispenser is a fully automated, space-saving storage and dispensary system. It was developed to increase ease-of-accessibility to those business areas lying within three kilometers of commonly used public transportation junctions. The Bikedispenser capitalizes on the idea of the bicycle as the missing, final link in the commuter’s mobility chain. The Bikedispenser is the most compact storage system for bicycles in the world, with specially designed bicycles positioned a mere 16cm apart from each other.