2007 Galleries

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Galleries // 2007 Spark:Pro // Midnite Oil Logo & Brand

Midnite Oil Logo & Brand

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Mongkolsri Janjarasskul
Design Type: Graphics, Brand
Company / Organization / School: Midnite Oil Design Agency

When the Midnite Oil Agency celebrated its 10th anniversary, the design team set out to find an innovative and trendier company logo. The original logo displayed a black drop of lamp oil with turquoise lightning in the shape of the letter M. The approach was already overused and the turquoise color did not express enough energy. The logo gave the firm an old fashioned impression and lacked a proactive or energetic. The design team agreed that the logo would need to retain the drop of oil incorporated with the letter M. The challenge was the oil drop represented by a typical black drop of liquid in the graphics, which had already been used in the previous design. It was necessary to find a new way to design the graphic that represented the oil and give it a more lively and energetic look. It would require a 3D feeling without an overly scientific or high tech appearance. Inspired by the phrase “burning the midnight oil”, the design team imagined the random splattering of oil drops during a frenzied night of artistic creativity.