2008 Galleries

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Galleries // 2008 Spark:Pro // Swarovski Morpheus Lamp

Swarovski Morpheus Lamp

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Yves Behar & Design Team
Design Type: Product, Lighting
Company / Organization / School: fuseproject

Most chandeliers are beautiful objects that the viewer gazes upon; Morpheus turns the viewer into a participant, inviting the viewer to interact with the object. It redefines chandeliers by using new forms and technology and allows users to look at the chandeliers in a new way, by discovering and taking ownership of its reflective and magic qualities. The many permutations of the 10’ diameter and 16,000 crystals Morpheus light sculpture are possible through six servo-motors arranged in a star configuration are attached to six points on the perimeter that pull to create the shapes. The chandelier is controlled by a remote tablet and custom drawing software. The viewer uses a hand held, touch screen tablet to change the shape as well as luminosity. The chandelier can be brilliant and luminous or dimmed for a softer, ambient feel. Morpheus utilized 16,000 crystals and over 700 LED lights. The LED lights used are more energy efficient than incandescent lights traditionally used in chandeliers.