2008 Galleries

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Galleries // 2008 Spark:Pro // Pae White

Pae White

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Juliette Bellocq & Osborn Team
Design Type: Graphics, Publishing
Company / Organization / School: Osborn Architects

Finding strategies to emphasize juxtapositions, textures and hidden zones became a main interest in designing the book. We composed a visual essay, cutting and pasting from over seven hundred photographs of the artist’s house, finding visual connections and references to a text written about a celebration. Looking at photographs with that poetic text in mind exposed a narrative structure and helped us transform raw material into careful associations. Provoked by Pae White’s approach to search for opportunities in places usually overlooked, we found poems about her within the essays we were given, used the space between words to insert quotes and drawings, designed the inside covers with unusual typographic glyphs we could not use anywhere else, composed Rorschach-like collages made out of Pae’s features and furniture. Eight spreads were printed with a split-fountain, a letterpress-inspired technique. Three different fluorescent and metallic inks were poured on the same press roll, mixing over time and resulting in various gradients, making each issue unique.