2008 Galleries

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Galleries // 2008 Spark:Pro // Chameleon Truck

Chameleon Truck

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Haishan Deng
Design Type: Transport
Company / Organization / School: Guangzhou Academy of Arts

The Chameleon Truck concept is designed to find new solutions and technology for cargo transport. It looks into the nature's design to seek new methods to problem inherent with the traditional trucks. The loading process comes from animal's action of swallowing.The truck can be driven head-on the cargo and load it into its body from the front, while the body will be extended to fit the goods in this process. Such "eating" way of loading make the whole process faster and easier, also enabling the vehicle to load and unload the container by itself. It will save substantial time in the delivery process. Also inspired from nature, the hard contents or goods which might be dangerous to other road users are being covered by soft fabric, like bones surrounded by skin for cushioning. The textile cover will make a soft padded contact between truck and cars if accident happens. This membrane together with the carbon-fibre made semicircular hard shell side protection and front part will create a safety truck body. The tarpaulin cover serving as container skin here, has a lighter weight than nowadays materials, which will allow the truck carry more payload than itself.