2009 Galleries

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Galleries // 2009 Spark:Pro // SF MTA Bus Shelters

SF MTA Bus Shelters

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Ollie Lundberg & Ryan Hughes
Design Type: Transport
Company / Organization / School: Lundberg Design

New bus shelters for San Francisco replace cramped shelters with larger designs and more sustainable features. New LED lights use 80% less power than the old fluorescents, the structural steel has 70% recycled content, and the roof material is 40% recycled content. The photovoltaic film embedded in the roof is organic-dye based, and thus less toxic than traditional silicon-based photovoltaics. The solar energy powers the NextBus LED display during the day, while feeding excess energy into the grid. A Push-To-Talk button reads the NextBus display information aloud for the visually impaired, and free public wifi allows riders to get online. The colored canopy is the signature of the design, recalling a seismic shock wave, a pattern of surf, a ribbon in the wind, even an abstraction of the curvy MUNI logo. The glass panels have a gradated frit pattern that resembles the fog in San Francisco—dense at the bottom and fading to clear at the top.