2009 Galleries

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Galleries // 2009 Spark:Pro // Kanpazar Lighting

Kanpazar Lighting

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Jon Santacoloma
Design Type: Product, Outdoor
Company / Organization / School: ideilan diseno S.L.

Natural light in nature The Kanpazar light emulates nature with a modern twist. In fact, according to its designer, Jon Santacoloma, its shape and name come from a large pine tree that crowns the Alto de Kanpazar, an exceptional landscape located in the Basque region of Guipuzcoa, Spain. Inspired by these natural vistas, Santacoloma developed the gentle form of the Kanpazar. The form is manufactured in neutral polyethylene with a smooth surface and is illuminated throughout by two 55W (2G11) fluorescent lamps. The fixtures scale, form and illumination emit both a calming glow and a feeling of serenity derived from the surroundings it was created from. It stands at a height of 58 inches with a base diameter of 17.5 inches or 69 inches tall when attached to its optional weighted base. It’s very easy to adapt the Kanpazar to any situation or setting using its three versions: portable, fixed or in a weighted base reminiscent of a planter pot. These characteristics make it perfect not just for all types of exterior landscaped spaces, but also for city settings, such as ample lounges and waiting rooms to which it infuses a more spontaneous charm.