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Galleries // 2010 Spark:Concept // Oil Collector

Oil Collector

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Kisang Yoon
Design Type: Product, Sustainable Design
Company / Organization / School: Hong Ik University

Design Team : Kisang Yoon, Kukhyun Yoon, Sukho Hwang Oil fence that could reuse spilled oil. Oil collectors plays not only a role of collecting oil by preventing it from spreading but also a role of reusing spilled oil afterwards by storing it temporarily. In addition, it helps to solve the problem of the secondary waste making oil skimmer waste and oil sink and saves natural resources through reuse of oil being exhausted. Oil spill causes enormous and irrevocable damages to the natural environment and local residents. Therefore, when oil spill accidents occur on the sea, the spilled oil has to be removed quickly before it spreads to coast. For quick removal of oil, firstly, spread of oil should be prevented by using oil fence, secondly, the spilled oil has to be absorbed and disposed by using oil skimmer, and thirdly, making oil sink by chemical actions causes the second environmental pollution. Oil that is a depleting resource requires products and systems to be used for quick removal of the oil without the natural resource harming the environment. Oil collector focuses on prevention, removal and reuse of diffusion of spilled oil.