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Galleries // 2010 Spark:Pro // OXO Thermometer Series

OXO Thermometer Series

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Jim Best
Design Type: Product, Kitchen
Company / Organization / School: PENSA & OXO

. The OXO thermometer line comprises two technical types: analog and digital. The design team focused on readability, a core user need identified through research, as a unifying theme across the line. The products also include features that demonstrate thoughtful consideration to the broader task and context in which the thermometers are used. Some of the thermometer’s benefits are clear to the consumer at the store, others become apparent during use, but all of them are there for a simple reason - to help you cook a great meal. : This thermometer is composed of a display, which is used on the counter top, and a tethered probe, which is inserted into the meat and remains there while it’s in the oven, providing a constant read as the meat cooks. To make the display and interface easy to use, readings and buttons are located and sized according to a hierarchy of use. Because measuring temperature is the primary function, it is the only function displayed by default. The thermometer is also designed for cleaning and storage. Its membrane keypad keeps it crevice-free (no hard button gaps) and easy to clean.