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Galleries // 2010 Spark:Concept // Turbine Light

Turbine Light

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Junggeun Tak
Design Type: Product, Energy Device
Company / Organization / School: T.A.K. Studio

Many cities around the world have lighted up the highway as growing the city as increase number of car on the highway. However, the increased carbon footprint is not only problematic for burning gas, but also for consuming a tremendous amount of electricity to light up the night for cars. Wind power is the fastest growing alternative energy source in the world today and it is playing an increasing role in providing electrical power, but one of the biggest obstacles to the widespread use of wind power generation is that many areas just aren’t that windy. 1.’Greener’ Value of Turbine Light: Harvesting wasted wind energy created by passing traffic. Wind speed is important for wind energy. Traditional wind turbines need a constant, average wind speed of about 14 miles per hour before the wind turbines can generate electricity. However, the Turbine Light attempts to address this challenge as the Turbine Light is suitable for installation where the power is being consumed, even in areas with light winds. The design takes advantage of a car’s aerodynamics to maximize wind flow and the vertical-axis design that uses a small installed footprint.