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Galleries // 2010 Spark:Pro // Equo LED Lamp

Equo LED Lamp

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Pro
Designer: Peter Ng
Design Type: Product, Lighting
Company / Organization / School: Koncept Technologies

The Equo features a discreet counterweight design for feather-light adjustability. One finger is all you need to adjust the floating arm’s position, and a sleek steel bar is used to form a linkage, allowing the tilting head to stay at whatever angle you set when the arm is raised or lowered. The touch sensitive control strip is located on the stem for easy access. Slide your finger along the strip to dim gradually, or touch anywhere on the strip to jump directly to any brightness, including off. Body is made out of Aluminum alloy to minimize body weight and thermal resistance. Curved body shape ensures rigidity of the long body. Core of weighted base is made out of post-industrial recycled material, accounting for more than 60% of the product’s total weight. Weighted base and vertical arm of the Equo can both be detached, allowing easy service and swapping of parts. With the vertical arm’s ability to detach from the rest of the lamp, the Equo body is packaged in a slim tube, minimizing package size and material. LEDs used on the Equo last 40,000 hours and consume only 7 watts overall.