2012 Galleries

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1:AM app

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Dennis Crowe
Design Type: Digital
Website: http://vehiclesf.com

1:AM App Design Team: Design Firm: VehicleSF, Creative Director: Dennis Crowe, Designer: Stefan Grigg, Programmer: David Pan, Project Manager: Jenny Imrich Let's face it: some of the best, most relevant and exciting art being created today is not in our museums - but out on the street. With the popularity of street artists like Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Barry McGee - awareness and appreciation for street art has grown rapidly on a global scale. But how does one navigate to view the ever-changing, constantly evolving landscape of street art? How can one view the best street art when visiting a new city? How does one find art often located in discreet, hard to find areas, across the country and around the world? As an artist, how can one announce the location and authorship of one's latest work? As an aficionado, how can one share a latest discovery? With the new 1:AM app. 1:AMSF - (1AM, short for First Amendment) is a gallery in San Francisco dedicated to street and urban art. 1:AM hired VehicleSF to design an app to globally promote, expand and facilitate the appreciation of street art. By utilizing GPS, social media and camera technologies, we designed the user interface and worked closely with the 1:AM development team on functionality and the user experience to create a street art guide unachievable in any other medium. We designed the app user interface to be white and clean - as a nod to 1:AM's brand aesthetic - and to keep focus on the art. A unique 2-frame homepage provides the ability to quickly see what's around you and what the 1:AM mobile community has deemed the hottest art on the streets. Move through the app with simple thumbnail and image scrolling that keeps things easy to use on the fly. This app provides the ability to quickly upload new art, tag art in distinctive categories, search for art, follow fellow enthusiasts, see how the art at a single location has changed over time, see the top rated pieces, and share all of this with the larger community. The app is currently beta testing in San Francisco and New York and is set to formally launch Spring 2013.