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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Designsori Design Team
Design Type: Product / Key

Team Members : Taehoon Jung / Inje University, Daeyong Jung / Catholic University of Daegu, Minjeong Cheon / Yeungnam University, Soyeon Han / Keimyung University Sometimes people are confused, “Did I lock the door before leaving the house?”. Probably you were experienced at get back to your house for check the door by sudden thought. Based on these experiences, I designed a key indicating the condition of door locking. As Lookey is a designed key you can know the condition of door locking on the entrance, it vanishes any anxiety for the condition of door locking when you go out. As the entrance condition of door locking is shown on the key itself, it informs you of the condition of a door, changing any mark while closing or open the door.