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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Water Hoop

Water Hoop

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. yeoil Youn - (with sung-won Jo)
Design Type: water bottle for third world contries

0.Team member : Sung-won Jo(Hong-ik postgraduate school) and Yeoil Youn(graduates sejong UNIV this year,non professional) Water hoop. Background : Today, 50% of the nations in the world are suffering due to water shortage. In Africa and India, people walk for at least five hours on an average per day to obtain water. Most of these people are children and women. To alleviated the difficulty they face and their hard work, water hoop that can be carried on the head, that can be hanged on an arm and that is easy to sterilize was proposed. Features : 1.It is possible to carry water easily by handling 2 liters of water bottle on an arm since the discomfort of having to carry while carrying with hand can be mitigated.(It is possible to use at the same time while pushing drum container as well) 2.It is possible to pile up various water hoops to carry them on the head. Natural sterilization takes place while exposed to the ultraviolet rays since it is made of PET bottle. 3.The wave pattern of the bottle's exterior offers accessible convenience while identifying the bottle's identity on an emotional level. Moreover, it is used for fitting to fixate while loading. Motif : Water hoop was produced with the motif of water's wavelength and cultural characteristics that entails carrying water. Water's wavelength+cultural characteristics=water hoop Cover's function/loop's function : When putting in water, it is possible to do so easily by hanging in the finger into the cover's loop. By storing this way, it is possible to prevent infiltration of the bacteria by coming into contact with the ground surface. Water hoop is produced with the motif of water's wavelength and cultural characteristics that entails carrying water.The wave pattern at the bottle's exterior identified bottle's identity on an emotional level. Moreover, it was designed in a way that it can be fixated when transporting water while placing it on top of the head or while leading since there are grooved both at the top and the bottom. SODIS(Solar water disinfection) : Sterilize under sunlight by hanging on the wall or rope by leveraging the loop of the bottle's cover. 1. Fill up the PET bottle with water (about 4/3) and close the cover. 2. Shake powerfully for about 20 seconds. (Accelerates generation of oxygen radical) 3. Place at a location that is exposed to direct sunlight for about 2~3 hours. (Sterilization with ultraviolet rays) 4. Sterilization complete. Most of the bacteria found in the contaminated drinking water placed into the PET bottle are eliminated using this simple method named SODIS. Another usage : A structure that enables people who have a problem with their arm or whose water bottle does not suit their arm to carry it like a bag by attaching a strap was recommended. It is possible to transport water hoop by connecting the loop of the water hoop's cover and the body by leveraging bag forms of three methods. Transport like a bag using the strand It is possible to transport like a bag using the strand. The structure recommended is that which enables those people with uncomfortable arm or those who the water bottle does not suit their arm to hang it like a bag thanks to the attached strand. 1. Cross bag format: the water bottle is hung on the shoulder in the form of a cross bag after fixating the strand by forming knot on the cover of the bottle. 2. Bag pack format : the two sides of the strand are crossed over in the center hole. Then, it is carried like a bag pack. 3. Hand bag format: the water bottle is carried like a hand bag after forming knot on the cover, and after fixating the strand.