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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Leanable Umbrella

Leanable Umbrella

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Ms. Jae hee Park - Leanable Umbrella
Design Type: Product design

[Team Members_ Jae hee Park / Hong-ik University, Cheol woong Seo / Hong-ik University.] Have you ever leaned your umbrella against the wall before? We often have trouble to keep the rain-soaked umbrella after using it. 'Leanable Umbrella' is easy to be kept against any kinds of walls, providing more convenience for the users in the process of keeping. Entering indoors with rain-soaked umbrella, we have to seek a proper place to keep it for its water. But in the public facilities, it is hard to find a place to keep an umbrella, so people put the it against the wall or find somewhere to hang it. 'Leanable Umbrella' is cut to have optimum angle to lean against the wall with stable shape when the handle and the top of umbrella are contacted to the wall. Non-slip silicon material is used for each end touching the wall and it is a design point of this umbrella. 'Leanable Umbrella' suggest easy keeping of wet umbrella through new design.