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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Soap Crayon

Soap Crayon

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Ms. Design Team 3_Girls - SOAP CRAYON
Design Type: Concept

Team member name : Choi Yu-jin/Korea Polytechnic University, Kim Sl-gi/Korea Polytechnic University, Lee Hong-joo/Korea Polytechnic University We designed the bath supply that makes children who don't like to take a shower want to take a shower. Also, I made this soap stick that makes children take a shower voluntarily for their mothers who are tired of repeating to nag their children. This soap is stick shaped soap unlike usual soaps that are round shape. After grabbing the stick soap and rubbing it to their bodies lightly, it is dissolved. Then, children can take a shower and have a fun at the same time because they can draw pictures on their bodies. The stick soap makes bubble easily. After taking a shower using this soap stick, children don't feel like that I take a shower. They just feel like that I play with a soap. The soap that makes children be happy while they are taking a shower is called SOAP CRAYON. This soap crayon is not easy to be dissolved when it is exposed to water unlike the usual soaps, because I made it as cylindrical stick. Furthermore, I add something that can use it like crayon to help children use it easier. Also, the soap crayon looks streamlined to reduce dangers of using soap crayon. The soap crayon is shaped like chapstick and has a twistable part of bottom. When you want to clean children's body, you have only to spin the twisty part. If they use it all, they can refill it. Moreover, you don't need to worry about that children eat the soap crayon because I made it using nature organic materials. The soap crayon has various colors, so children can choose what they want to use. Also, the soap crayon can increase the level of closeness if they use it with their friends. and fulfill your children's bath time with laughing. That is why children can enjoy while they are taking a shower. In conclusion, the soap crayon helps children have a fun and makes children want to take a shower. We often say that you can't have your cake and eat it too. However, this soap crayon says‚ÄĚThat's wrong. Sometimes we can do both.