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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Communication // BSA Space Brand Identity

BSA Space Brand Identity

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Mr. Lee Moreau - Principal
Design Type: Brand Identity
Website: http://www.continuuminnovation.com

Team: Peter Strutt / Will Thomas / Lee Moreau / Dave Weik Claudia Catalano The Boston Society of Architects recently relocated their headquarters to a newly designed and refurbished space in downtown Boston. Their new location boasts much more than offices and meeting rooms. It is a community space in the heart of the city with three large galleries for rotating exhibitions and spaces for lectures and speaking engagements. The BSA needed a name and a brand identity that could support their new dynamic space and expanded offerings. Continuum created a modular identity based around the name “BSA SPACE” that encapsulates the vast range of activities and possibilities that the space provides. Much like the rotating exhibitions and events, the logo itself changes meaning as different images are slotted into its empty vessel. This brand identity is brought to life through comprehensive brand guidelines, various collateral pieces, and launch materials. In addition to the identity, Continuum worked closely with the architects to implement a way-finding and signage system for the entire space. The resulting bold black stripes that are sprinkled throughout the building are visually striking and highly functional. Since their recent opening, the BSA SPACE has hosted several large successful exhibitions and events. The naming and branding was proven to truly embody the dynamic and ever-changing qualities of the space and it’s relationship to the Boston community.