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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Jaineel Shah - Product Design Student
Design Type: Consumer Product
Website: www.jaineelshah.com

Have you never faced the problem of inserting a hanger on your T-shirt without damaging the fabric or loosing its elasticity, either from the top or the bottom of the T-shirt? Both the methods to put the hanger are not easy, it takes time and you have to be careful. Have you never felt tired to put all your clothes on a hanger after they are washed. Now think of the Sales person in the Clothes shop? The above problems led me to the brief of – Easier way of fixing clothes on a hanger With the help of the intuitive gesture it makes it efficient and improves productivity while taking out or hanging your T-shirt on PINCH. Example this solves the problem of the sales person at retail clothes store to remove and insert clothes around 150-200 times average per day. The potential target are, the factory workers who put the hangers in the clothing, sales person in a clothes store who has to remove and put clothes on the hanger, and for home use. PINCH uses existing manufacturing technology to manufacture hangers, which is Injection moulding. It is made from one material – Polypropylene and Elastomer mix. It is cost effective to manufacture on a large scale. The material proposed is recyclable plastic. At the same time it does not use any mechanism which adds any parts or extra cost to the product. It is a versatile and adaptable product.