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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Seung Woo Jung - Team name is 306
Design Type: Home appliances

When you use vacuum for a family the most uncomfortable thing is a replacement in front of nozzle by using. when you change in front of a nozzle by vacuum purpose, in this case you have to bend over. it's very annoying, especially older people and people don't know how to use. we solve the problem by improving structural fault. Most people frequetly do not use nozzle that can be used collateral function nozzle depending on the purposes because it's a real hassle to replace the nozzle. It occurs problems that people can't find a nozzle what they need exisiting nozzle doesn't remove and sanitary problems. Don't have to replace a nozzle. it has only one nozzle when you just pull down the handle on the supports for the vacuum. it can be changed a niche nozzle. *we are made up team* Team name is "306" team list Seung Woo - Jung (ssingssingj@gmail.com)/kookmin graduate school Ji Min - Kim (jm8765@naver.com)/kookmin graduate school hyeong Seok - Park (ehftjr111@naver.com)/kookmin graduate school Chun Hui - Park (designboy@nate.com)/kookmin graduate school