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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Tape tie

Tape tie

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Joohyung Lee
Design Type: Product

Tape tie / (Team Members : Joohyung Lee, Jookyung Jung, Hwayoon Choi - Hongik University) We try to fix the problems with using tape dispenser. When using various tapes, we need different tape dispensers for each tape. But the tape dispenser for a big tape, is too big and heavy to carry. For that reason, we can not carry it always. But without tape dispenser, it's hard to use tape. The ‘Tape tie’ is a tape dispenser that is easy to used by tying every size tapes. 'Tape tie' applies the structure of a normal cable tie and it can adjust the length tying a tape. It's easy to use whenever you need it, even tape's almost run out by tightening the Tape tie. Also, you can use it safely by holding its handles. You can use it according to following description. 1. Seize the beginning handle fixing inside margin of tape. 2. Control other handle fitting to tape. 3. Put the end of tape tie to beginning handle to tighten the tie. This time take care not to too tight. 4. Cut the end to suitable length if it is too long. 5. Tighten the tie more if thickness of tape decreases while use. To describe its parts of structure, - Handles : Be able to use the Tape tie safely. Beginning handle roles controling the Tape tie. - Blade : Easily cut the tape. - Saw tooth : Control and fix the length of tie. 'Tape tie' can be sold several bundle putting in package because it is small and easy to produce. It can be manufactured with various color using PVC.