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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Ms. Se-eun Kim - student
Design Type: PRODUCT

We check a clock again and again habitually. We has become a slaves of a clock like that. Also We react sensitive by this 'tic toc' rhythm. Because of that, sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad. In fact, people didn't need to know the exact time until the Industrial Revolution. At that time, quite exact clocks had existed. But they aren't needed by ordinary people. They are just symbol of authority and religion. We need the exact time more and more since the Industrial Revolution. The needs had produced popularity of a clock. The general public had a chance that know a exact time through the popularity. But also they could not escaped a frame of the exact time that they had established. The passage of time is part of the nature. You can't make the time more fast or slow, no matter how hard you try So I want to just tell the beauty of what elapse the time like every spring day that flowers bloom and then fall again through my project 'BLOSSOM'. Actually, my work can not tell the exact time as much as you familiar with. 'Blossom' stands for not another obsession but the passage of your life. The work did not ask you to recognize the exact time. The clock just describes passage of your own day. Blossom is made by transparent plastic. So It makes beautiful pattern like flower simply. Blossom can be displayed wherever you want like images. *Process of clock 'Blossom' is consisted of 12 pieces or 12 flowers. One of the clocks tell 1 hour. One of the numbers tell 5 minutes.