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Charging Pack

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Ms. Hyun-ju Shin - Student (Korea Polytechnic University)
Design Type: eco design
Company / Organization / School: Korea Polytechnic University

Team Member: Tae-gyun Kim(London of University(Goldsmiths University)) In general, a package of batteries is discarded after use. To solve this, we suggest Charging Pack. You don’t have to discard this item. It is designed for sustainable use. It uses sunlight to charge a battery. Charging pack is a brilliant item to compensate the problem that battery is a waste after use. But for this one, once the battery’s life is ended, it starts to be used as a charger by using sunlight. In other words, the previous waste becomes a new sustainable product. This item with a form of thin plastic panel has a solar cell on the front which accumulates sunlight. There is a folding socket docking battery in the center. And if the folding line at the bottom is folded, it can be stood up. If the battery socket and the folding part at the bottom are all unfold, it is completely flat. It is a very small volume. And you can use in & out side. Indoor – You can charge if you put it under the sunlight. Outdoor – It is easy to carry around and rechargeable.