2012 Galleries

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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Yves Behar - Founder/Chief Designer
Design Type: Product
Website: http://www.fuseproject.com

Sabi brings a new level of refinement to the health and wellness category, with beautiful products, considered ergonomics and high quality materials. Distinguished by their bold colors, rich textures and iconic design, Sabi delivers consumers wellness products that compliment their daily lives. The products are considered down to the last detail and inherent in each design is a timeless aesthetic. The pill storage is portable and discreet, while their soft and rounded forms fit easily in hands. While Sabi helps keep people mindful of their daily rituals, such as taking pills and vitamins, it does not make these the focal point of their day. Because the products are not reminiscent of hospitals or nursing homes, the stigma around such needs is reduced. Sabi products are not meant to be hidden on bathrooms or bedside tables, but used and displayed proudly. Beyond the iconic form factor, each Sabi product has integrated ergonomics that make each experience intuitive and special. From specific pressures that make using each product easy for all audiences, to applied textures that ensure they feel good in the hand, Sabi products put user comfort and success first. The iconic aqua color is used to both indicate the specific touch points on each product, and also add a fun and distinguishing factor, setting Sabi apart in the market. With Sabi, we chose to focus on an overlooked problem, but in a holistic manner. We designed 9 products to cover the needs of a variety of users, multiple situations and location specific solutions. From weeklong pill storage to convenient on the go containers, Sabi delivers more than just a singular solution. In addition to bringing a new aesthetic to a market full of poorly designed products, we used premium materials to craft Sabi products. With a strong focus on C2C principles and sustainability, each product is BPA free, manufactured with the highest quality, and built to last.