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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Ms. Nari Hwang
Design Type: Lighting
Website: http://www.behance.net/narihwang

Elixir is a space-maximizing, high-quality OLED desk lamp. Normally, the desks of people who spend a lot of time at their desk in the office or at school are messy. This is especially true for people in the field of architecture and design, as well as offices with a lot of paper work. When a desk is a mess with project materials, it might feel that a desk lamp with a traditional base or clamp is also in the way. In response, I propose the foldable desk lamp “Elixir.” The straight lines of this simply designed lamp are able to fold down along the edge of a desk in order to maximize work space. This lamp can be folded along the edge of the desk when it is not in use or when there is not enough space because there is a work in progress on the desk. As Elixir can be folded three ways (down, up, and over), you can install it to any side of the desk using the clamp. The arm can rotate up and down, right and left, and back and forth by 120 degrees. In the past, to charge your laptop or cellphone, you might have had to bend over to get under the desk in order to find an inconveniently located outlet low on the wall to plug in the cord. Now, the “Elixir” allows you to use the outlet on the backside of the arm of the lamp to charge any electronic device when you are working at the desk. In addition, The arm of the lamp features a touch-activated mood-light strip.