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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Under The Sea

Under The Sea

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Ms. Eunjin Yi - under the sea
Design Type: kids product
Website: http://eeeejjj89.blog.me/

Designers name: Bokyung Kim, Jihye Kim, Euno Lee, Eunjin Yi. School name: Sookmyung Womens University 'Under the sea' is designed for children who like to go swimming but are scared to do it. They can go swim and see under the sea with this rubber ring, “Under the sea”. Children will have fun and satisfy their curiosity. So, the product has educational value. Normally, a lot of kids who are in between 2-7 years old prefer to go out and play which lead to accidents. Parents need to pay attention to their kids at strange places. Especially, children have a habit of observation that they tend to study something new whenever they go to new places and they want to go around anytime, anywhere without a fear. When kids go to the beach, they are amused and excited, So that they don’t think not even a little about safety. When they swim and see fishes in the deep sea can be very dangerous. This is why we thought of the rubber ring combines with the periscope. It is a safer and more convenient than what children uses now for safety. The rubber ring is combined with periscope. The periscope is made of 2 mirrors. By this, we can observe/see directly through the water by reflection. By using this principle, we can observe the underwater well without diving into the water. Also, we researched the colors and the shapes of toys that children like. We researched rubber rings and periscopes for children in various markets. Thus, we figured out the design that satisfies not only the shape children like, but also its own function. And we researched how the safety device is combined with toys, thus, we could design the rubber ring children can safely ride. So, children can observe the ecosystem of sea and it brings good educational effect for them. Also, the rubber ring is designed for children to ride alone easily. They can control direction by using handles. And, they can keep their balance in the rubber ring with the safety lever which is attached to the both sides of the product. Children can freely ride the rubber ring, and this helps children grow independence.